Good morning, good evening and good night; I am your author, GP.

This 'Choose Your Own Adventure' story is set in a lewd fantasy world, with strong adult themes including bondage, domination, slavery, penetration (no d's) and some lighter fetishes.

There are no descriptions of death or gore in this story, but there are numerous examples of permanent bondage and breath play.

If you are under the age of 18 or these themes do not appeal to you, then consider this your oppertunity to turn back. To those that remain, enjoy.


(Just some back story on the setting.)

For thousands of years, the city-state of Cameran remained isolated from military threats thanks to the sea to the east and the great forest to the west. In their relative safety from outsiders, the royal family and the noble that ruled this land became famous for their cruelty. However, this would not last.

One day, the Imperial Army of Fenland tore a path through the great forest with one of their magical weapons. But before they could march; the Old King surrendered.

Full control of Cameran was handed to the new Viceroy of Cameran and the nobles were stripped of their titles, reducing them to regular citizens to be punished for their crimes against their liberated serfs.

Absolute control of Cameran was transfered to the new Viceroy of Cameran, who stripped nobles of their titles and swiftly punished under Imperial law for their previous abuses. Under this new regime; water shortages ended, new trade routes made it an important trading hub in the region and for most, life had improved dramatically.

However, not all is perfect. Criminals skulk the night, monsters dwell in the Old City below and on the horizon, the banner of rebellion.

(Good Ends: are to complete your goal with no adverse effect.
Neutral Ends: are to complete your goal with an adverse effect.
Bad Ends: are to fail your goal or to meet a worse fate.)


1 Dressed for Adventure- You are Chiara, a noble who was stripped of her title and somehow found herself saddled with a great debt. Skilled and intelligent, but naive and head strong - maybe she can pay her debts before she loses it all or will she stumble along the way?